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Unlock Lasting Beauty and Confidence: The WHY of Radiance and Rejuvenation


Have you ever considered the WHY of desiring a beautiful and radiant transformation? It is simple and less about vanity if you're going about it from the right angle. We all crave community and connection - with confidence and clarity.

What about the HOW TO in becoming more beautiful and radiant? The more pure you are, the more delicious your energy becomes. The more clear you get about your self care, grooming, mindset and radiant living.

What about the VALUE of what you are about to learn in The School of Radiance? When I meet people, or have someone introduce me, they speak about my energy. They USED TO mention my clear skin, nice hair and outfit. With the shifts that I've done, and what I am about teach you, you will have people actually say, "I can't quite put my finger on what it is about you, but I just love being around you and your energy". 

Let's face it, beauty and looks fade, but radiance... Radiance just gets better with time, experience, practices, purification and intention through doing the work. It's highly rewarding and will positively impact your everyday life and connections.

Become confident in any situation, by learning how to be cool, calm, collected and always ready by becoming always radiant. I will also teach you when to rest and recharge your batteries!

No one else is teaching this and honestly, I have no idea why. I live for radiance now. If I can do it, so can you!

It’s Time To Love Yourself Again

Discover the Transformational Process to Unlock Your Radiance and Transform Your Life! 

Yes, it will take practice, and when you love doing something it isn't work - it becomes playful and joyful. My well intended challenges through practices are about to change your life.

In this program, you will receive unparalleled value that is a culmination of my years of experience as a skin and rejuvenation practitioner since 2011 observing, rejuvenating and studying radiant humans, as well as the countless hours and financial resources invested in stage presence preparations, learning from top-notch teachers, and seeking out the best experts to train with.

Deep beauty and radiance isn't skin deep. It has actually saved me during the biggest life obstacles I've ever faced.


  1. Identity + Boundaries + Purity/Detox + Beauty Practices + Communication + Positive Emotions + Divine Masculine & Feminine Balance + Spirituality + Purpose + Social Dynamics + Community = Radiance
  2. Gain the tools to develop a humble and magnetic level of confidence and tap into your highest version with psychological and resilient radiance practices
  3. Learn how to make powerful connections with healthy boundaries and attract the right people into your life
  4. Radiate a magnetic and pure energy that draws people and radiant circumstances towards you
  5. Develop intuitive decision-making skills to help you navigate any situation with grace and ease including your health, self care and ongoing purification practices that will constantly evolve
  6. Transform your life by becoming a master of radiance, mastering your communication skills, mindset, relationships, and more
  7. Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will uplift and inspire you
  8. Learn from Rachel Varga, an expert in radiance and rejuvenation, as well as biohacking focusing on the skin and longevity, with in-depth and heartfelt lessons every week filmed in stunning and nature based locations
  9. Your program and level of support is customized for you to focus on your specific goals and needs during our initial discovery call (you are now invited to request your call with me at [email protected])
  10. Enjoy bi-monthly live calls with Rachel and the community, as well as access to master experts to support your radiant transformation
  11. If you're reading this, you're ready to step into your most radiant version. Your future self and loved ones will thank you.


I love teaching, and I have landed as a leader with both feet on the ground practicing what I do and share ONLY in The School of Radiance. This intel isn't for everyone, and I'm certainly not willing to share it publicly. By teaching you, you will share it in your life and have a trickle down effect of making others lives more radiant through positive interactions. Our live calls are key as they allow me to tailor the classes to the specific needs and goals of each participant through open and honest Q&A time.

Join me and our radiant community in bi-monthly LIVE private calls where we learn from one another sharing our insights, obstacles, wins, and supporting each other in walking through life as radiant humans here on a mission.

In these calls, I occasionally bring on master experts to share their knowledge and insights, providing you with a MUCH more advanced layer of learning that compliments my One-On-One sessions and SkinCamp tutorials.

The School of Radiance is unlike any other program - so I've been told by health and motivation industry experts. It is my intention to make radiance more prevalent in our world for not only today but as a legacy. Learn how to leave a positive impression everywhere you go, identify others with radiant characteristics, and allow them notice that you are radiant in a safe and protected way. You are magnetic, pleasant and  positive leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of those you connect with - if you choose to connect with them utilizing well framed boundaries in communication and exchanges.

Lead With Radiance!

The feeling of hearing people say, you're so radiant, I always look forward to seeing you, I saw you and just had to come and speak with you. This is what you will feel, all while looking fabulous, slowing aging and living a life worth LIVING!

RACHEL VARGA - living my best life on a red rock next to the river in sunny Sedona, on the beach in Florida, in the forest 4x4'ing, eating high vibe foods with loved ones, teaching radiance, or shining at an event with fellow radiant humans making an impact.

See how I’ve improved the lives of my clients!


Thanks for all the skin help Rachel!

“So, if you like Super Human, Rachel is one of those people who knows everything there is to know about making your skin and your body look ridiculously young.”


“I highly recommend this woman!”

“She is of the utmost integrity and you know I always look for heart centered people because I know they’re going to put their best foot forward.”

“We need more humans like Rachel Varga
who lead from the heart and aren’t afraid
to innovate to serve others.”

“Rachel is one of the first to combine the beauty and biohacking worlds together by connecting the dots between data points as a clinician while using innovative technologies that track and promote rejuvenation on the inside and outside.”

Become more radiant today than you were yesterday!

 Yes, we will most certainly cover skin care, rejuvenation, slowing aging, increasing energy, optimizing sleep, slimming that waistline and looking impeccable with healthy hair, skin, nails and timeless style. 

What you will learn, are the deep beauty, detoxification/purification practices, emotional, psychological, spiritual and communication practices that have allowed me to engage with myself and others in a positive and radiant way.

If you're reading this, you're ready and you're invited. Send me an email at [email protected] and request to book an initial discovery call to ensure the program is a perfect fit for your personal goals!

This is not a pre-done cookie cutter program. We go deep. You receive my real time insights, aha moments, obstacles and wins in this rapidly evolving world and what it means to be a radiant human for not only now, or for the rest of your lifetime, but also practices that will carry on with those you radiate love to as well. 

The School of Radiance registration includes Membership for exclusive skin care and longevity bonuses with personalized bi-monthly LIVE Q & A!


instant access into the program

  • 20% off of your first school of radiance community skincare order (once you register you are part of our community! Past clients have saved over $1,000 on their skin care, dermal rolling, hair care and hair/skin/nail nutrients for meeting their physical skin radiance needs!)
  • Access to bi-monthly Q & A calls (I am going to find out EXACTLY what you need to learn based on your questions and comments!)
  • Enjoy the program at your own pace, or accelerate your learning for your ultimate radiant transformation in as little at 8 weeks. (It has taken me years, and I'm about to give you the shortcuts!)

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This is a perfect time of year to focus on commitment to ourselves, creativity, vitality, radiance and pleasure as these aspects take the lead in our lives. Expect these areas to grow and evolve throughout the year!

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